Our top picks for Summer 2019

With summer rapidly approaching now is the perfect time to get your summer wardrobe in order and we’ve got some great choices to start you off. From multi-pocket cargos to bright Hawaiian shirts all made for the bigger chap.

Shorts In Big Sizes

Shorts are the best thing created but you already knew that!
There is a style of short for every occasion, from work to lounging and everything in between. Although, the style of short that you choose can make or break an outfit such as jersey shorts with a dress shirt.

Sweat/ Jersey shorts are brilliant for most applications, especially for the bigger chap. They have a nice elasticated waist and comfy fleeced lined material for all-day comfort and they look smart enough to wear out. They are so comfortable in fact, I’m writing this very blog in my favourite pair of jersey shorts.

Cargo shorts are next up on the comfort scale and with the added bonus of being able to carry everything you’ve ever wanted and still have room for a pack of polos tucked away in the weird pocket that you forgot you had. Yes, these shorts are the swiss army knife of the half trouser world and so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing them. These belters from Espionage are made from 100% brushed cotton for that soft touch and feel.

Shirts In Big Sizes

Shirts are a big part of most outfits and you can stick with a regular T-shirt or go a little mad with a bright Hawaiian style shirt to make you stand out. Whatever your style Big Tee Shirt has you covered(literally).

The humble work shirt is one of our top picks for this summer. They look incredible as a dress shirt for a few beers with the lads or as an overshirt with a plain vest or t-shirt underneath. These shirts are made from 100% cotton making them breathable and comfortable especially for us bigger dudes. Available in blue or red check and the best part? work shirts last forever! Buy it this seasons and it’ll still be a wardrobe staple in years to come.

We know some of you guys like to stand out … and boy we’ve got a shirt for you.
It ticks all the boxes for us.

  • [✔] pink flamingos
  • [✔] palm trees
  • [✔] sandy shores
    The only thing you need is a little self-confidence to pull off this bold number. but we rate it so highly for lads holidays or nights out with the boys. Imagine a group of lads bursting though wearing these…

Funny T-shirts In Big Sizes

Summer should be filled with laughter, BBQs and beers… we can’t help with the BBq’s and beers but we’ve got you with the funny t-shirts. Be the talk of the party with some of our tongue in cheek t-shirts. The best part is that they last wash after wash so you can spill ketchup down them until your heart is content.

First up we’ve got one of our firm favourites here at Big Tee Shirt. “I Love cHip sHop” Let your love affair for the chip shop show with this hilarious classic. You can’t beat fish and chips on a summers evening after a day at the beach and that’s why this belter is one of our top picks for this summer.

And now onto my personal all-time favourite.. we are certainly not running any marathons this year but this type of marathon could catch my interest. And no I’m not on about what eventually became snickers.. damn tasty but no.
This is a t-shirt for a runner up in the great Skegness Kebab Marathon of 2017.
Now if that isn’t a marathon worth running I don’t know what is.
Made from 100% cotton so if you do decide to give 26 miles a crack or you’re just nipping to the local takeaway you can do it in comfort.