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We’ve been quiet for a while, haven’t we? Sorry about that… We’ve got some very exciting things going on behind the scenes and we’ll be making a few big announcements soon™.

Rest assured though, we’ve been very, very busy behind the scenes and you can expect some new stock in our bigger men’s sizes at unbeatable online prices. But in addition, we’re working on the website to make it an even better experience… Because big men don’t need any extra hassle when shopping, do we?

We’re Expanding… And Not Just Our Waistlines!

With Autumn upon us, that means it’s time to start wrapping up and pack away the shorts for a few months. To celebrate the cold weather (meh) we’ve stocked some new colours in our extra long t-shirts for the really tall, really big guys. They’re ideal nightshirts for that extra layer to keep the cold out or simply great for everyday wear as they are extremely comfortable.

In fact, we’ve got heaps of new clobber to keep you warm whilst looking good. You can find all the latest additions and new items here. There’s coats, jackets, comedy t-shirts, winter shirts, hoodies… You name it. We’ll keep the gear coming and start even though it’s only September, we’re already getting requests for our Christmas clothing. We’ll add more and keep you updated on Facebook or the newsletter. Links to that will be at the end of this blog.

We’ll add more and keep you updated on our Facebook page and our newsletter. Links to those will be at the end of this blog.

Back To The Future

We’ve been providing big men’s clothing for the best part of twenty years and as our waistbands have grown, so too has the market. We’ve seen similar businesses come and go but we’ve always had one simple philosophy: Provide the service and clothing that we’d like for ourselves: The biggest men’s clothes, the best brands and the cheapest prices.

We all love a bargain but trying to find affordable clothes when you’re 3XL or over can be extremely difficult. That’s why we stock up to 10XL+ and if we can’t find a brand that does exactly what we want then we make it ourselves! We know those big men don’t stop at just size 5XL.

Feel free to let us know if there are any ranges you’d like to see more of. Use the contact page on our website or contact us on the Facebook page… We’ll welcome a bit of feedback. Any kind of “feed” is good in our book.

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Finally, we’ll be making some BIG announcements in the coming weeks so make sure you don’t miss out! Yes… Super-sized announcements with a few tweaks and changes that mean you’ll be getting some very special deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

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