Size Chart

Being big people ourselves we understand the vital importance of sizing. We are sure that most customers have encountered the age old problem of a 3XL from one manufacturer not being the same size as a 3XL from another manufacturer.

Here at Big Tee Shirt we operate a consistent size standard. Regardless of which brand you buy we endeavour to supply a garment that fits within our size specification below. Basically speaking once you have established the size you require then all garments subsequently sent will be within the same size range.

We want our customers to avoid that bitter dissapointment of receiving an incorrectly sized garment and we encourage ALL customers to refer to this size chart before ordering for the first time.

PLEASE NOTE: this page is intended to act as a GUIDE only. Customers should peruse the specific size information of the garment on it's item listing page in order to ascertain which size they require.

Big Tee Shirt Big and Tall Clothes 2xl to 13xl

Chest Sizes

Your actual chest
measurement in inches
Your actual chest
measurement in cm
Size to select
50" 127 2xl
51" 130 2xl
52" 132 2xl
53" 135 2xl
54" 137 3xl
55" 140 3xl
56" 142 3xl
57" 145 3xl
58" 148 4xl
59" 150 4xl
60" 153 4xl
61" 155 4xl
62" 158 5xl
63" 160 5xl
64" 163 5xl
65" 165 5xl
66" 168 6xl
67" 170 6xl
68" 173 6xl
69" 175 6xl
70" 178 7xl
71" 180 7xl
72" 183 7xl
73" 186 7xl
74" 188 8xl
75" 190 8xl
76" 193 8xl
77" 196 8xl
78" 198 9xl
79" 200 9xl
80" 203 9xl
81" 206 9xl
82" 208 10xl
83" 211 10xl
84" 213 10xl
85" 216 11xl
86" 208 11xl
87" 211 12xl
88" 213 12xl
89" 216 12xl
90" 208 12xl
91" 211 13xl
92" 213 13xl

Waist Sizes

As discussed above manufacturers have different ideas about sizing. This can be a particular problem with garments that have elasticated or part elastication in the waist. This mainly affects jogging bottoms, rugby pants, swimwear, shorts, and underwear where across the different manufacturers products there may be differing amounts of elastication in each. This inevitably means that some garments will stretch or "give" further than others. To help with selecting the correct size we have indicated on these garments the most comfortable size they will stretch to.

On each item description you will see a size graphic, when you move your mouse over the section entitled "waist" you will notice a pop up window that indicates the most comfortable waist size that the garment will stretch to. Using the charts below as an example, if you have a 52 inch waist then you would need to order the 3xl sized jogging bottoms and in a similar vein if you were a 56 inch waist then you would need the 5xl sized pair of shorts.


Joggers Waist


Shorts Waist