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Knightsbridge braces for men. One size fits all braces that can be expanded to fit the bigger guy. A smart alternative to belts in a range of designs, from plain black and blue to Tartan, a patriotic red, white and blue and a check design for the Ska-fans! 

Red Tartan Knightsbridge Braces One Size Fits All
Red White Blue Knightsbridge Braces One Size Fits All
Black White Check Knightsbridge Braces One Size Fits All

What our Customers are saying...

I hate paying over the odds for work wear, which lets face it none of us like spending cash on! Basic non-fashionable, single colour shirts and trousers. A range of these garments would save me hundreds of pounds each year, and I\'m sure I\'m not alone. The site and service are both excellent. It has revolutionised my wardrobe! Mike

Mike Newman

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