Big and Tall Men’s Size Guide: Finding the Perfect Fit (+ Size Chart)

In a world where fashion often revolves around the average-sized individual, it can be challenging for big and tall men to find clothing that fits well and flatters their body types.

Finding an accurate big and tall size guide that suits your body shape is harder than you might imagine.

However, with the right size guide and a few handy tips, big and tall men can dress stylishly and confidently.

This comprehensive size guide aims to assist big and tall men in finding the perfect fit for their unique body proportions. From understanding measurements to selecting the right clothing styles, this article covers it all.

In a rush? – Simply scroll to the bottom to see our size chart!

Big and Tall Men’s Size Guide

Finding clothing that fits well is a crucial aspect of dressing comfortably and fashionably.

This big and tall men’s size guide provides valuable information on measurements, sizing, and styling tips to help individuals with larger physiques find clothes that make them look and feel great.

It’s important to understand that not all men have the perfect triangular physique and how we dress, particularly in terms of how our clothes fit us, can dictate how others perceive us.

As a big man myself, there is nothing worse than a T-shirt that’s a little bit too short, exposing my belly. Aside from maybe trousers that tear under the strain but that’s another story for another time.

Understanding Measurements

Before diving into the world of big and tall men’s clothing, it’s important to understand the measurements that are typically used to determine sizing. Here are a few key measurements you should be aware of:

Chest Size:

To measure your chest, wrap a tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, ensuring it is snug but not tight.

Waist Size:

Measure around your natural waistline, which is typically located just above the navel.

Inside Leg Length:

The ‘inside leg’ length refers to the distance from the crotch seam to the bottom hem of the trousers. To measure your inside leg length, stand straight and have someone measure from the crotch to the desired trouser length.

Side note on measuring up your inside leg length: To measure your inside leg, stand straight and have someone measure from the crotch to the desired trouser length below the ankle. Ensure the measuring tape follows the natural curve of your leg for accuracy.

Neck Size:

Measuring your neck size is essential when it comes to finding well-fitting shirts. Wrap the tape measure around the base of your neck, just below the Adam’s apple, while keeping it comfortably snug

Choosing the Right Size

Now that you have a good understanding of the key measurements, it’s time to determine your size. Different brands may have slight variations in sizing, so it’s essential to consult each brand’s specific size chart before making a purchase.

When choosing the right size, consider the following:

Refer to Size Charts:

Size charts provide measurements for different sizes offered by a brand. Take note of your measurements and compare them to the brand’s size chart to find the best fit.

We’ve compiled our own size chart which you can find below this guide.

Consider Fit Preferences:

Some individuals prefer a looser fit, while others prefer a more tailored look. Be mindful of your personal style and how you want your clothes to fit.

Look for Big and Tall Collections:

Many clothing brands offer specialized big and tall collections that cater specifically to larger body types. These collections often provide more accurate and flattering fits for big and tall men.

We have our own big and tall collection for the larger man, which allows a bit of extra body length to avoid the embarrassment of the underbelly making an unwanted appearance.

Shirts and T-Shirts

Shirts and t-shirts are essential wardrobe staples for big and tall men. Finding the right fit can significantly enhance your overall appearance and comfort. Consider the following tips when shopping for shirts and t-shirts:

Choose the Correct Neck Size: Ill-fitting shirts with tight collars can be uncomfortable and restrict movement. Ensure that the neck size allows for ease and comfort.

Opt for Longer Sleeve Lengths: Longer sleeve lengths can provide better arm coverage and prevent the sleeves from riding up. Look for shirts with sleeves that reach the mid-bicep or slightly below.

Pay Attention to Shirt Length: Longer shirts that fall below the waistline are ideal for big and tall men. They provide better coverage and avoid the issue of shirts becoming untucked frequently.

Consider the Shoulder Fit: The shoulder seam of a shirt should align with the edge of your shoulder, providing a clean and tailored look.

Trousers, Jeans and Bottoms

Finding well-fitting trousers and bottoms is essential for big and tall men to ensure comfort and style. Here are some tips to help you find the right fit:

Pay Attention to Waist and Inside Leg Measurements: When shopping for trousers, consider both the waist size and inside leg length. Look for trousers that have a comfortable waistband and an appropriate inside leg length to avoid them being too tight or too short.

Choose the Right Rise: The ‘rise’ of trousers refers to the distance between the crotch and the waistband. Big and tall men often benefit from trousers and bottoms with a higher rise, as they provide better coverage and comfort.

Consider Different Styles: Experiment with various trouser styles to find what suits you best. Straight-leg or relaxed-fit trousers can provide a flattering and comfortable look for big and tall men.

Opt for Adjustable Waistbands: Some trousers come with adjustable waistbands, allowing you to customize the fit according to your preferences. This feature can be particularly helpful if you have a larger waist or if you prefer a looser fit.

Jackets and Outerwear

When it comes to jackets and outerwear, finding the right fit is crucial to ensure both style and functionality. Consider the following tips:

Look for Jackets with Longer Sleeves: Longer sleeves prevent the jacket from appearing too short and ensure proper coverage for big and tall men. The sleeves should reach your wrists when your arms are extended.

Pay Attention to Shoulder Fit: Similar to shirts, the shoulder seams of jackets should align with the edge of your shoulders. This ensures a well-proportioned and comfortable fit.

Choose the Appropriate Length: Jackets that fall at or slightly below the hip are generally more flattering for big and tall men. Avoid jackets that are too short, as they can make your torso appear disproportionate.

Consider Layering Options: Layering can be a great way to add style and warmth to your outfit. Look for jackets that allow enough room for layering without feeling constricting or bulky.

Suits and Formalwear

When it comes to formal occasions or professional settings, big and tall men need suits and formalwear that fit impeccably.

Yes, Big Tee Shirt is an online retailer but we believe in being honest and transparent about clothing… If you are in any doubt about getting a suit that fits you correctly… Get professionally measured! Especially if you are an unusual body shape.

Buying a suit online can be difficult to gauge for sizing.

A formal suit for a big and tall man.

That said, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Get Professionally Measured: To ensure the best fit possible, consider getting professionally measured for a suit. Tailors can provide accurate measurements and recommendations for your body type.

Choose Classic Styles: Classic suit styles, such as single-breasted jackets with two buttons, are versatile and universally flattering. They provide a clean and polished look for big and tall men.

Pay Attention to Jacket Length: The jacket length plays a crucial role in the overall appearance of a suit. Opt for a jacket length that covers your rear and falls mid-thigh for a balanced look.

Consider Custom or Made-to-Measure Options: If you struggle to find off-the-rack suits that fit well, consider investing in custom or made-to-measure options. These options ensure a precise fit tailored to your body measurements.


Finding the right footwear is equally important for big and tall men to complete their outfits and maintain comfort. Consider these tips when shopping for shoes:

Opt for Wide Widths: Big and tall men often have broader feet, so look for shoes that come in wide widths. This will provide a more comfortable fit and prevent pinching or discomfort.

Choose Supportive Soles: Look for shoes with supportive soles and adequate cushioning. This is particularly important if you spend long hours on your feet or engage in physical activities.

Ensure Proper Fit: Make sure to try on shoes and walk around in them to ensure a proper fit. Shoes that are too tight or too loose can cause discomfort and foot problems.

Explore Extended Size Ranges: Many shoe brands now offer extended size ranges, including larger sizes and wide-width options. Look for brands that cater specifically to big and tall men to find a wider selection of footwear.

Accessorising for Big and Tall Men

Accessorising can add the finishing touches to your outfit and enhance your personal style. Here are some tips for big and tall men when it comes to accessories:

Choose Proportionate Accessories: Opt for accessories that are proportionate to your body size. Avoid small or delicate accessories that can get lost or look out of place. Instead, go for larger accessories like statement watches, wider belts, or bold necklaces.

Experiment with Ties and Bowties: Ties and bowties can add a touch of elegance to formal attire. Look for longer ties or adjustable bowties to accommodate a larger neck size.

Invest in Quality Belts: A well-fitted belt can pull an outfit together while providing functionality. Look for belts that are wide enough to complement your proportions and are made from durable materials. Avoid bonded leather as this will likely stretch more on one side than the other or worse still, split, crack or snap entirely.

Consider Eyewear Frames: When choosing eyewear, consider frames that are wide enough to balance your facial features. Look for larger frame sizes and styles that suit your face shape. Big Tee Shirt are not Specsavers… We do not supply eyewear. Just clothing that will make you look great.

Big Tee Shirt Size Chart:

And finally, because this is probably what you came for… Here is our size chart.

Please note that this applies to all of the Big Tee Shirt branded clothing but may not be 100% accurate for other brands. If in doubt, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to ensure your desired item will fit you correctly.

What Is Cotton GSM And Why Is It Important?

If you’re in the textile industry or have a discerning eye when shopping for clothing, you may have come across the term “cotton GSM” before.

GSM stands for “grams per square meter” and it is a measure of the weight and thickness of cotton fabrics.

In this blog, we will explore the concept of cotton GSM, its importance, and how it affects the quality of cotton fabrics.

What is Cotton GSM?

Cotton GSM is a measure of the weight of a cotton fabric per unit area, usually measured in grams per square meter.

The higher the GSM value, the heavier and thicker the fabric will be.

It is important to note that different fabrics can have different GSM values despite having the same weight. This is because the GSM value considers the fabric’s weave, which can affect its thickness and feel.

Is There A “Standard” GSM For T-Shirts?

The standard GSM (grams per square meter) for t-shirts can vary depending on a few factors such as the type of material used and the intended use of the shirt.

Generally, most t-shirts are made from cotton, which has a GSM range of 120-200.

However, there are also t-shirts made from polyester, which has a lower GSM range of 75-150. The reason for this difference is that polyester is a more lightweight and breathable material than cotton.

When it comes to the intended use of the t-shirt, a heavier GSM may be preferred for a more durable and long-lasting shirt, while a lighter GSM may be more comfortable for everyday wear.

It is important to note that the GSM of a t-shirt is just one factor to consider when purchasing a shirt, and other factors such as fit, style, and colour should also be taken into account.

At the end of the day, you will usually choose a t-shirt based on how you think it looks… But you will often find that cheaper t-shirts do not last as long as higher-quality, higher-GSM garments.

We’ll come back to that point at the end of this blog!

The Importance of Cotton GSM

Understanding cotton GSM is important for both manufacturers and consumers.

For manufacturers, knowing the GSM value of cotton fabrics is crucial in determining the quality and properties of the fabric. This can help them decide on the appropriate use for the fabric, such as whether it is suitable for making bed sheets or t-shirts.

For consumers, understanding cotton GSM can help them make more informed purchasing decisions. A higher GSM value generally indicates that the fabric is of higher quality, thicker, more durable, and has better moisture absorption.

Additionally, a higher GSM value can provide a softer and more comfortable feel to the fabric.

Most t-shirts will be below the 160 GSM mark. As a wearer, you will notice that some cotton t-shirts feel “thinner” and they will often be easier to tear or more prone to issues that result from repeated washing or wearing.

This is why the Big Tee Shirt range of t-shirts is all 180 GSM.

Whilst that may not mean much to read from a website, we can assure you that the instant you put the fabric on, you will notice a difference from what you are used to.

180 GSM marks the difference between comfort and durability: You want a t-shirt that is robust enough to last… wear after wear and wash after wash without being too hot for summer wearing or too thin for colder climates.

After over 20+ years in the big men’s clothing industry, we can assure you that 180 GSM is perfect.

More Factors Affecting Cotton GSM

Several factors can affect the GSM value of cotton fabrics. These include the type of cotton used, the yarn count, the weave, and the finishing process.

The type of cotton used can affect the overall quality of the fabric, which in turn can affect its GSM value. High-quality cotton, such as Egyptian or Pima cotton, typically has a higher GSM value due to its superior softness and durability.

The yarn count, or the thickness of the yarn used in the fabric, can also affect the GSM value. A higher yarn count typically results in a higher GSM value, as the fabric will be thicker and heavier.

The weave of the fabric can also affect its GSM value. Different weaves, such as plain weave, twill weave, and satin weave, can create different textures and thicknesses in the fabric.

Finally, the finishing process can affect the GSM value of the fabric. Certain finishes, such as mercerization (a process used to improve properties like the feel, strength, dye absorption and stability), can increase the weight and thickness of the fabric, resulting in a higher GSM value.

How Cotton GSM Affects Fabric Quality And Your Comfort.

Cotton GSM plays a significant role in determining the quality of cotton fabrics.

A higher GSM value can indicate that the fabric is of higher quality, as it will be thicker, more durable, and have better moisture absorption.

Additionally, a higher GSM value can provide a softer and more comfortable feel to the fabric.

A lower GSM value can indicate that the fabric is of lower quality, as it will be thinner, less durable, and have poorer moisture absorption. Fabrics with lower GSM values can also feel rougher and less comfortable to wear.

The Big Tee Shirt Promise:

Since the early ’00s, Big Tee Shirt has exclusively stocked 180 GSM cotton (or higher) on our entire line of t-shirts.

We’ve never cut corners on quality but always sought to be extremely competitive on pricing.

Whilst this does push up our production costs, it means that you, the wearer, will get a product that lasts longer, washes better and feels more comfortable.

We also stock 180 GSM extra-long t-shirts for the bigger, taller man.

So if you’re ready to experience the difference between a standard sub 160 GSM t-shirt and a 180 GSM t-shirt… Then visit our online store and buy some of our competitively-priced tees.

You’ll do a full 180 on how you buy clothing in the future.

Our top picks for Summer 2019

With summer rapidly approaching now is the perfect time to get your summer wardrobe in order and we’ve got some great choices to start you off. From multi-pocket cargos to bright Hawaiian shirts all made for the bigger chap.

Shorts In Big Sizes

Shorts are the best thing created but you already knew that!
There is a style of short for every occasion, from work to lounging and everything in between. Although, the style of short that you choose can make or break an outfit such as jersey shorts with a dress shirt.

Sweat/ Jersey shorts are brilliant for most applications, especially for the bigger chap. They have a nice elasticated waist and comfy fleeced lined material for all-day comfort and they look smart enough to wear out. They are so comfortable in fact, I’m writing this very blog in my favourite pair of jersey shorts.

Cargo shorts are next up on the comfort scale and with the added bonus of being able to carry everything you’ve ever wanted and still have room for a pack of polos tucked away in the weird pocket that you forgot you had. Yes, these shorts are the swiss army knife of the half trouser world and so comfy you’ll forget you’re wearing them. These belters from Espionage are made from 100% brushed cotton for that soft touch and feel.

Shirts In Big Sizes

Shirts are a big part of most outfits and you can stick with a regular T-shirt or go a little mad with a bright Hawaiian style shirt to make you stand out. Whatever your style Big Tee Shirt has you covered(literally).

The humble work shirt is one of our top picks for this summer. They look incredible as a dress shirt for a few beers with the lads or as an overshirt with a plain vest or t-shirt underneath. These shirts are made from 100% cotton making them breathable and comfortable especially for us bigger dudes. Available in blue or red check and the best part? work shirts last forever! Buy it this seasons and it’ll still be a wardrobe staple in years to come.

We know some of you guys like to stand out … and boy we’ve got a shirt for you.
It ticks all the boxes for us.

  • [✔] pink flamingos
  • [✔] palm trees
  • [✔] sandy shores
    The only thing you need is a little self-confidence to pull off this bold number. but we rate it so highly for lads holidays or nights out with the boys. Imagine a group of lads bursting though wearing these…

Funny T-shirts In Big Sizes

Summer should be filled with laughter, BBQs and beers… we can’t help with the BBq’s and beers but we’ve got you with the funny t-shirts. Be the talk of the party with some of our tongue in cheek t-shirts. The best part is that they last wash after wash so you can spill ketchup down them until your heart is content.

First up we’ve got one of our firm favourites here at Big Tee Shirt. “I Love cHip sHop” Let your love affair for the chip shop show with this hilarious classic. You can’t beat fish and chips on a summers evening after a day at the beach and that’s why this belter is one of our top picks for this summer.

And now onto my personal all-time favourite.. we are certainly not running any marathons this year but this type of marathon could catch my interest. And no I’m not on about what eventually became snickers.. damn tasty but no.
This is a t-shirt for a runner up in the great Skegness Kebab Marathon of 2017.
Now if that isn’t a marathon worth running I don’t know what is.
Made from 100% cotton so if you do decide to give 26 miles a crack or you’re just nipping to the local takeaway you can do it in comfort.

Giants: The Biggest Cover Up In History

Andre the Giant, Goliath, Gulliver. We are familiar with so-called giants of screen and mythology – but what if there was a real-life race of human giants that once walked the earth? And we don’t just mean you Big and Tall fellas out there.

It is a very odd theory indeed, and one that understandably draws sniggers upon first hearing it – until you look at the evidence. To say this is a fringe theory is a bit of an understatement, but hear us out…

Image of a giant mummy from an old newspaper report.

There is some evidence that points to a lost race of giants which preceded modern man. Much of it is old documented accounts that is only now coming to light.

… But didn’t the film Prometheus allude to this, the film fans among you ask? Yes, it did, and the notion is slowly gaining traction with rogue scientists, free-thinkers, and pop culture… Even the new hyped Red Dead Redemption video game has a scene alluding to the theory.

From the Bible referring to a race of giants known as the Nephilim, who were said to have been killed by the Great Flood – to ancient cultures’ beliefs that a race of giant god-like humans brought the knowledge of civilisation back in the murky plains of prehistory, it seems that references to giants are everywhere in the ancient world. Indeed, it is a belief that many cultures and religions have held for a long time.

Now we’re not saying that we subscribe to the theory here at Big Tee Shirt, just that we find some of the so-called evidence pretty intriguing. And as we all know, the Big and Tall guy is a bit of a god in our eyes (and most ladies’ eyes too, wink wink!).

I hear you ask: “But we know giants exist, what about Andre the Giant?” We’re not talking about someone born with genetic gigantism like the late Andre (god bless his massive soul) – but an as-yet unrecognised race of giants humans.

So let’s leave our giant sceptic’s hat at the door and take a peek at some of the evidence: Speaking of hats we have a variety of winter warmers for you big fellas out there, but I digress.

Giant Skeletons

Screen shot: ‘One of the giant skeletons reportedly unearthed in Romania in the 1970s’.

If there were giants, where are the skeletons? you ask… They were found. All over the world – from the US to Romania and China. There just doesn’t seem to be any discoveries in recent years, and the old bones from past excavations have ‘mysteriously’ disappeared.

There is very credible documented evidence that giant skeletons were found across America in the late 1800s. In New England, skeletons unearthed in ancient burial mounds were measured at between 7ft and 10ft tall. Well-respected newspapers reported these findings at the time, which points to the credibility of their source. In fact, there are several documented findings of giant skeletons from all over America in the past, with most reports coming from the turn of the 19th century. There is also evidence that the bones of giants measuring over 2m in height were found in tombs across Sardinia. This was covered in an episode of TV’s Forbidden History – called ‘The Mystery of the Giants’.

A new
A newspaper clipping from the New York Times

Was this just fanciful thinking by the esteemed scientists at the time? Did they not know how to take simple measurements back then, or were they just ‘having a laugh’?

Here at Big Tee Shirt, we’re pretty hot on getting our big and tall measurements right, so all our big and tall guys look the part.

Giant humanoid bones have also been found in other countries. In Romania, for example, there are numerous reports of ginormous human remains being unearthed as recently as the 1970s, including those reportedly up to a neck-craning 16ft in height. Some of those measured had leg bones which were 6ft in length alone. Our extra long trousers lengths don’t quite stretch to that yet, but we do stock in leg lengths up to 37ins.

Megalithic sites

Even now, thousands of years later, modern thinkers, engineers and scientists cannot come up with a definitive answer as to how ancient man was able to build some of the most jaw-dropping megalithic sites around the world.

Sacsayhuaman: The ancient megalithic site of Sacsayhuaman in Peru.

In Peru, a site called Sacsayhuaman (pronounced ‘sexy h-woman’, wink wink) displays mind-blowing skills and strength. Its huge stones, weighing up to 200 tonnes EACH have been used to build the wall of a fortress. But if their weight alone was not impressive enough, these stones have been cut, shaped and fitted together with such precision to appear almost like a ginormous stone jigsaw. We can imagine for everyone that has stood in front if this vast structure and marvelled at its size and skill, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that it was a race of super-strength giants behind it.

The megalithic sites around the world are numerous, from the more familiar Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge and the Easter Island statues, to the lesser known sites of Puma Punku in Bolivia with its bizarre H shaped carved blocks weighing several tonnes each and with precise inter-locking features. This latter site pre-dates the Incas, with some who have examined the stones, dating them to as far back as 15,000BC due to their astronomical alignments.

Over at the ancient site of Baalbek, in Lebanon, stone blocks used in the construction of the foundations of the Temple of Jupiter weigh up to 800 tonnes each. Baalbek has undergone various points of semi-destruction through history, being the site of various battles, and re-building work by successive civilisations, including the Romans. But there is a very credible argument that the original megalithic parts of the site have its origins many thousands of years before civilisation as we know it began. Is it possible that Baalbek goes back, way back, to a forgotten time in earth’s history –  between our current understanding of recorded history – and the prehistory of the dinosaurs, when giants ruled the earth? These are just some of the many sites around the world that display almost impossible feats of human engineering – which some attribute to the intervention of giants.

A Cover-Up?

How can such newspaper reports exist when the evidence is no longer in plain sight?

A conspiracy theory around the subject of this lost race of giants points to speculation that the bones of these skeletons always mysteriously disappeared once official organisations got involved.

There are some reports suggesting that during the 19th century, the Smithsonian museum in America was very keen to purchase the bones of giants found by civilians-only for them to never see the light again. There is a similar story in Sardinia – with farmers in more modern times uncovering massive bones and teeth and handing them over to the authorities, only to hear nothing more about them.

… In Romania, a site where several giant human bones were found (called the Hyperborean Gallery) was later permanently sealed, as authorities deemed the discovery too explosive and shocking. New Discoveries Re-writing the History of Humankind.

It was just a mere eight years ago that scientists finally acknowledged a different race of humans known as the Denisovans, who existed alongside Neanderthals and modern humans.

This race of human, found in the frozen caves of Siberia, was not thought to be massive in stature – but had huge teeth. All that has been found of the Denisovans is a tiny pea-sized fragment of the finger bone and two teeth. Yet it has been enough to give scientists a shred of DNA to finally say with certainty this was a previously unknown race of human. And just three years ago, scientists announced yet another new human species – homo Naledi – tiny-brained people with ape-like shoulders who lived in South Africa. So finding new species of humanoids is not unheard of – and perhaps it is just a matter of time until someone finds a piece of a big bone or a massive molar that modern science cannot ignore.

Maybe it’s time scientists started thinking about adding a new branch to the human family tree… but what would they name these giants? We’re taking bets they get called ‘Homo Gigantus’



Three Lions On T-Shirts… In Up To 8XL


We don’t want to tempt fate but football IS coming home isn’t it?

Our lads are making a STERLING effort and it’s great to see football uniting the nation once more. The trouble is, you can’t get official England kit in sizes beyond 2XL which is a bit of a kick to the STONES. We can’t believe the LOFTUS-CHEEK of N!ke, charging over fifty quid for a t-shirt and not doing in in proper sizes… It’s a DIER situation.

So, before you KANE your hard earned cash on a shirt that won’t fit, why not HARRY over to Big Tee Shirt and take your PICKFORD from the selection of England t-shirts that we provide…

Please, No F*#king Penalties…

This is the first year ever, that we’ve actually got the semi-finals on penalties. Thanks to the efforts of our boys, we are so close to raising the cup… But that does not mean we want any more nail-biting moments where penalties decide the game!

That’s why we’ve got this “Please, pretty please NO f*#cking penalties” t-shirt. It’s a bit of tongue-in-cheek for the bloke that can laugh at himsDELPH.

We’re stocking two no-nonsense colours: Navy Blue and black, in sizes 2XL through to 8XL. Made from 100% cotton as you’d expect.


Up To 8XL… Back Of The Net!

We’ve made sure that we’ve got plenty of stock in the biggest sizes from a miniscule 2XL to a statuesque 8XL that will fit the biggest of men very WELBECK. If you’re looking for the three lions and an oath sworn to England then the “Vow England” t-shirt is the one for you.

We’ve got the biggest sizes and 11 different colours including the classic white and red with a cool, loose fit, a crew neck collar and it’s made from 100% high-quality cotton so the sensitive man won’t get a RASHFORD.

That pun was bad but trust me… they get a lot worse.

Playing Polo

If you’re a bigger chap that likes to dress a little differently but still wants to support his team then you’re going to love the D555 England polo shirt in sizes 3XL to 5XL.

Available in very apt red, white and blue, these England polos look incredibly smart meaning you can support your team while you go out for a posh meal or meet the POPE. You’ll even look smart sat on your Jack JONES in this quality polo shirt.

Crafted from 100% cotton, it feels as good as it looks, with tri-colour collar, ribbed sleeve ends and the number 10 on the back: to give yourself the rating you deserve. It’s a really smart bit of England clobber that will suit any big man, YOUNG or old.

The True Spirit Of Football

If you want a t-shirt that captures the passion and love of English football then Metaphor’s “England: The Spirit of Football” tee is the one for you.

We stock this in sizes 2XL up to 7XL and you’ll TRIPPIER out when you see the quality of the retro-worn effect print. Available in a very patriotic range of colours: Red, White and Blue, these t-shirts are perfect for reflecting on how England ROSE to the top of the CaHILL and went on to bring the world cup home!


Three Lions On His Shorts!

Because there’s not just the football to celebrate but also the elusive English summer, we are stocking some rather special England shorts featuring the 3 lions on them.

These have proven very popular and we’ve VARDY got any sizes left! We’re down to 2XL, 3XL and 8XL so if you’re a late scorer, you may be in for a loss. However, if you are a big man that’s a runner or a WALKER then you’ll appreciate the drawstring waist, the two slip-pockets at the sides and the acrylic/cotton/polyester mix that gives the balls enough room for a kick about.

*We also provide English/Welsh/Scottish variations of the shorts because we love our neighbours even if they support our opposition.

Honourable Mentions

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve tried to get the England players names into this blog but we had to keep a few on the bench as they were just too hard to fit into a pun.

So apologies to our heroes Maguire, Alli, Lingard and Henderson… And an extra special mention to the manager Gareth Southgate. A true gent and arguably, already one of the greatest managers that we’ve ever seen.

We’ll be rocking our England clobber for the rest of the tournament and no doubt for a very, very long time afterwards. All that remains to be said is… Again…


Big Changes & Bigger Sizes For Big Tee Shirt

If you’re a regular visitor to the Big Tee Shirt website then you will probably have noticed that we’ve been undergoing some changes recently which mean our huge range of stock in huge sizes is even easier to navigate.

We don’t want people burning off precious calories with endless scrolling so we’ve taken every clothing category and broken them down into nice, logical subcategories… Meaning you will find what you’re after even quicker! Our old category system worked in such a way that if you wanted to look at our men’s t-shirts then you had to scroll through all the designs and all the ranges to find the tees you liked. Now, you can just go straight for the subcategory and you’re into the styles or themes that you love.

We do spoil you, we really do!

Up To 10XL T-Shirts

Yes, we cater for sizes L right up to a generous 10XL. But now we have taken our stock and created brand new categories to help you find what you want: easily.

So, if you go to our men’s big and tall t-shirts page, you will find the following categories:

• All T-Shirts
• Sporty Tees
• Smiley T-Shirts
• Extra-Long Plain T-Shirts
• Skull T-Shirts
• Truck And Car T-Shirts
• Halloween T-Shirts
• Long Sleeve T-Shirts
• Twin Pack T-Shirts
• Political T-Shirts
• Philosophical T-Shirts
• Plain T-Shirts
• Sleeveless T-Shirts
• Northern Soul T-Shirts
• Ska T-Shirts
• Musical Icons T-Shirts
• Americana T-Shirts
• Biker T-Shirts
• Dark Theme T-Shirts

And we are proud to now officially stock
• 9XL T-Shirts
• 10XL T-Shirts

We’ve been getting requests for a long time to add those bigger sizes and stock more themes… We listen to our customers, take notes and we’re proud to unveil the new ranges. We’ll be topping up the selections with lots of new stock and maybe a few new themes in the near future!

It’s Not Just T-Shirts

With a name like “Big Tee Shirt”, you would expect us to specialise in larger t-shirts and we certainly do (did I mention that we have a whole host of new categories in the funny t-shirts range?) but we provide all kinds of other clothing for the bigger guys.

Whilst we were updating the site and uploading new stock we have gone over every Style category and broken them down to make shopping that little bit easier… Because we hate shopping too!

We’ve split the big men’s jeans (not literally) into four categories, the shirts into seven categories, the nightwear into 6 categories… And that’s just a few of the styles. In fact, every single item of clothing has been redefined in glorious subcategories and you can find every style category for our big men’s clothes here!

Is THIS Big Enough For You?

You may have also noticed that we’re stocking sizes over and above the 8XL we used to stock… We have a range of 9XL and 10XL items in stock and we are able to provide bigger sizes up to 16XL upon request.

We’ve had lots of requests for specialist sizes that simply cannot be found anywhere else so we can provide various t-shirts and jogging bottoms that are made-to-order for our giant clients! These will obviously take a little longer as we have our suppliers craft them to your sizes and they are not off-the-shelf.

If you’d like something in sizes over 10XL we’ll always try to help. You can get in touch with the Big Tee Shirt team here.


Big Underwear Blog: Featuring Pants Puns & Jokes Below The Belt

Let’s keep this briefThe Big Tee team has been a bit quiet on the blog for a while, haven’t we? Sorry, we’ve been pants keeping you updated but we’ve been very busy behind the scenes and we will reveal more on that in a future blog.

For now, we are going to hang out with you and talk about our 2XL to 8XL underwear for men but because we are Big Tee Shirt, we’ll throw in a few underwear puns and comments and we’ll try and keep them clean (the puns not the pants)  to make things vaguely entertaining. OK… Let’s crack on with a bad joke.

What type of underwear is the best at self-defence?
– Boxers!

We’re Trying To Get  A Rise…

You may not be aware that we stock specialist underwear for the bigger chaps. We do extra-long, high rise boxer shorts that are especially good for customers’ medical conditions such as oedema, bariatric complications and hernias.

… Obviously, that’s no laughing matter but we’ll use our puns on the fly when we get the chance.

So, the higher rise underwear features extra length in the front and back to comfortably fit around your body and provide support. Crafted from a 95% cotton and 5% elastane mix, to allow stretch without irritation.

We take medical conditions very seriously… Certainly more seriously than we take our blogs. And on that note…

What’s a potato’s favourite underwear?
– Wedgies!

Heavy Weight Boxers

Like us, you may be no featherweight champion and may require big men’s boxer shorts. Don’t worry, we’ve covered our asses and have plenty in stock. Men’s designer brands like Kam, Espionage and Cotton Valley are available but we also provide our own with boxers from the Big Tee Shirt brand.

You might like to keep things loose when you hang out with your friends and our boxers are the perfect: Available in sizes 2XL to 8XL, they feature (depending on the brand) either cotton and lycra or cotton and elastane mix to maximise comfort for the maximised man. If you like twins then you won’t be disappointed with our twin packs or if you prefer multiples then the triple packs might be right up your alley.

Either way, we have a big selection of big boxer shorts in a range of colours and styles. Our shelves are absolutely bunged up full of them.

Under Where?

It’s easy to locate the underwear on the Big Tee Shirt website, you just need to select “Clothing” from the menu bar, then “Men’s Underwear” from the drop-down menu.

A Brief History Of Time…

You may want a bit more support from your pants and we can ensure your tackle is clean and tidy (football pun) with our big men’s briefs and plus-sized y-fronts. 

In both cases, you know the drill, there’s a selection of colours and styles in sizes 2XL to 8XL for the bigger man. Multi-packs are also available if you want to save a few quid!

We are starting to run out of puns now and we don’t want to lose our streak but the best underwear puns are the dirty ones.

Do stock camo underwear?
– Yes but you may not be able to see it. They are ideal if you want to go commando.

Recommended Storage Instructions:

We have been asked in the past about the correct way of storing underwear.
– In your drawers

Jokes & Puns Too Awful To Make it to this blog:

Here are a few jokes that were just too awful to include on the blog… But we didn’t want to waste them so we’ll hang them out to dry here:

Scrapped Title: Cheap underwear for tight a***s.

Tag Line: Bring back hanging… Abolish underpants.

What kind of pants do reporters wear?
News briefs

*Lisps* Lets thing a thong *Groan*

Anyone who says they can find better underwear for big men is full of s***.

…On that note, we better toddle off but if you can think of any more pants puns then please do let us know and make us wet ourselves with laughter.



Extra Long T-Shirts For Big Men

You may be wondering how we came up with the name “Big Tee Shirt” and we’re going to give you one guess.

It’s fairly obvious, isn’t it?

But “big” means different things to different people. We provide up to size 10XL t-shirts which are ideal if you are big in the middle but they may not be ideal if you are a really tall bloke.

That’s why we have a “Tall Store” range that may be perfect for you!

Being tall is a blessing and a curse.

Tall blokes are always the centre of attention; you can’t really miss us in a crowd. We can always reach the top shelves. We know what the weather is like before shorter folk do(Why do people say that?). On the downside, living in a world that is designed for smaller people can be a bit of an issue, we may have mentioned this before in this blog!

The biggest single problem with being a monster among men is finding clothes that actually fit. Just because a t-shirt, shirt, jacket or any item of clothing is an extra large size does not mean it will fit us, giants.

You will find our range of extra-length, big and tall clothing here.

We have solved the problem by developing our own range of “Big Tee Shirt Brand” or “BTS” gear that gives us that extra length in the body or leg to make sure you’re covered!

Up To 41” Length Body Tees

You read that right! Our t-shirts are up to 41” in length, much longer than the standard. Every tall bloke knows the annoyance of wearing a t-shirt that which is too short and shows off out “assets”.

41 inches or 104 cm is MUCH LONGER than you will be used to. As mentioned above, there is big and then there is big. Just because you are tall does not mean you are big all over but that’s the reason we stock sizes Small up to 10XL! So you could be slight-built but very tall and we have you covered and looking good!

We have a broad selection of styles and colours. Everything from regular tees, printed tees, and polo necks to sleeveless and vests… So you can get your guns out!

We’ve got plenty more stock coming in over the next few months too, so keep an eye out for new clobber.

Up To 38” Leg?

It’s not just extra long t-shirts we do. Why have a long body if your trousers look like half-masts? We’ve got you covered: As always!

We stock jogging bottoms with up to 38” leg lengths. These are a blend of cotton, polyester and acrylic to ensure that there is plenty of give and room so you’re free to move about and comfortable enough to work, rest and play!

They’re not just long, either. We stock sizes Large to 8XL so even the very biggest men will be catered for. The elasticated waist has a drawstring so you can adjust it to fit comfortably and stay aloft, even if you’re working out or simply getting out of the chair too quickly!

The Biggest. The Best. Here’s The Rest:

Man cannot live in t-shirts and jogging bottoms alone: We know that. That’s why we have a multitude of other options to keep you warm and comfortable.

There’s v-neck sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, waterproof jackets and parka coats. We have these is various styles and colours, with sizes varying depending on the range from Small (Yes, we do small!) to 8XL. We don’t want the tall, thin guys to feel left out… We’ve got you blokes covered too!

So there really is a huge range to choose from. Big and tall guys no longer have an excuse that they cannot buy clothes that fit them… They just have to find us!

Wash With Care

Just a heads-up: Always follow the instructions on the label!

Yes, this seems obvious but even the longest t-shirts can shrink if exposed to heat in a tumble dryer for example! 

Always be wary before washing and drying as you do not want your cotton/polyester/acrylic mix going small and becoming an average t-shirt.

Follow the washing instructions on the label and you should find the items will last for years to come without any issues.

Unsure About Your Size?

We’ll give you one last helping hand:

If you’re a big guy and you don’t really know how big or quite what size to choose, then why not use this:

Size Guide For Big Men

With the aid of a tape measure, you can easily work out what sizes you need and make sure you find and order the clothing that will fit you correctly.

You’re welcome!

Christmas Clothing For Big Men… & Puns


Yes, it is only November and we know blokes like to leave the shopping to the very last minute but our Christmas clobber will sell out before too long and we don’t want you missing out!

To keep you interested in this blog, we’ve added a number of terrible puns and there will be no prizes whatsoever for anyone who can spot them all… Because our low prices are pthe gift that keeps on giving. Although we may be doing some competitions soon if you’d like that? Let us know!

20% Off All Our Clothes in The Christmas Sale

If you’re reading this in December 2017, stop what you’re doing and head straight over to our website! We’ve currently got a HUGE Christmas sale on men’s clothes in sizes up to 10XL.

‘Twas the sale before Christmas! Big sizes at small prices.

2XL to 8XL Christmas Clothing

Let’s talk about sizes: It’s well known that Christmas is a time for excess. If you are a big bloke already, then the chances are, you’re not going to be any smaller by the New Year. So you are going to need some big Christmas clothing with a bit of give and we have some absolute crackers!

We stock Christmas Clothing in sizes 2XL to 8XL: Proper men’s sizes! If you want a couple of extra minces pies, a beer or eight or even the entire pudding, we have you covered. Literally. We have super Christmas clothing is super sizes. So just relax until you make some New Year’s resolutions and think about buying a size up from your usual so you don’t look a complete turkey!

Christmas Jumpers:

It appears that Christmas jumpers sprout up everywhere these days, for the home, the office or for a night out. They seem to get brighter and wackier every year and we try to keep up demand for the Christmas stock.

We’ve got 2XL to 5XL Christmas jumpers on the Christmas Clobber page, in a selection of designs, from Snowmen images to Rudolph, Santa and more. All with a cheeky, comedy twist to get laughs from friends and loved ones. These make the ideal present and prices start are under £13! So you can wrap up warm, get a laugh and look great at less than the price of a full round at the bar.

Crimbo Shirts and T-Shirts

We’re famed for our big t-shirts and super-sized shirts, so where would we be at Christmas without a nice selection of comedy tees and tasteful (if you like that sort of thing) shirts?

In all cases, we have a cheeky comedy twist. With specially printed shirts, featuring Christmas trees, Santa Claus or snowmen and t-shirts that range from cheeky to quite rude! There are a few good (bad/awful) puns on them as well as some slightly risque jokes and images if you have the (snow) balls to wear them.

They are not for prudes and are sure to get a laugh provided the man wearing them is not a snowflake!

… That pun was awful. Sorry.


Socks and Pants!

Lets (Santa) pause for a moment and think about the most popular of Christmas gifts: Socks and underwear. It may always have been a bit of a disappointment to receive these when you were younger but as you get older and bigger, you really appreciate the importance of a good, comfortable set of underwear.

Every man needs a sturdy set of underwear and our Espionage twin pack of Boxers in sizes 2XL to 7XL. Without wanting to sound rude(oplh), they will keep your nutcrackers warm.

Don’t forget about socks either. We’ve got Christmas twin packs with a festive theme for under £8! The perfect gift that will bring a bit of joy no matter what the time of year. You just cannot beat a nice pair of socks… So two pairs would be even better.


But Wait, There’s Myrhh!

We’ve saved the best for last!

One of our most popular jumpers is actually part of a set. This jumper and Christmas hat combo will make you look and feel like Saint Nick himself. It’s bright, bold, fun and under £20! What a deal!

We’ve even got some Christmas-themed baggy trouser bottoms that are great for lounging around the house or tearing open pressies in. Supremely comfortable and with enough give to make sure your carol singers don’t burst out at the Christmas dinner table.

Finally, for the ‘Claustrophoic” amongst you, there are all our other clothes. You don’t have to love Christmas to enjoy our XL to 10XL clothing but Yule not want to miss out!

Big Blokes: Bag A Bargain!


I’m a big bloke and I love a bargain (I think we all do) … But I hate shopping. This makes bagging a bargain a little difficult. To further add to my problems, I’m a little bit bigger than 3XL so finding clothes on the high street is basically impossible.

It’s a good job that Big Tee Shirt has got you covered as always: We do great prices all year round but you may want to check out the clearance section of the website for some absolutely cracking deals… Even if we do say ourselves.

With new stock constantly coming in, we have to make space, so we are always updating the clearance section and you can make monster savings of up to 75%… Let’s tell you how!

Clearance Items:

We have a unique policy with clearance clobber, if any product has been reduced within the last 21 days then it will appear in the ‘Clearance Items’ section of the site.

This is not “old” stock or dated items, it is simply anything that has been recently reduced. You should have a decent choice of sizes here, often there may be a few sizes missing due to depleted stock but there will nearly always be something to suit you.

You’ll often find that the clearance section is regular stock that may have only come in recently but we need to make room for more… So it gets reduced. There’s always great savings to be had so it’s worth checking back regularly.

End Of Line Items:

All good things must come to an end… Our clothing lines are no exception and the End Of Line Items is the place to go if you want massive discounts on soon-to-be-extinct items.

Sizes will be quite limited but the reductions will be HUGE! We have up to 50% off RRP on some items and we will have from XL to 13XL sizes… Just not on all products. But don’t worry, you can filter by size on the left so you should always find there is a decent choice of items that will fit bigger blokes.

There tends to be a few past season items here but for the most part, anything with limited stock will end up here, reduced and ready for a new home so it’s well worth checking in regularly on what is available.

Damaged & Seconds:

Limited Stock. Limited Sizes. Potentially damaged. Potentially ex-display.

The damaged and seconds section of the website is where the biggest bargains can be grabbed: So long as you do not demand perfection! There may be little-to-nothing wrong with an item but it may be missing labels if it is ex-display stock from our retails shop or there may be cosmetic damage such as tears or rips. In all cases, we indicate what is wrong with the item and why it’s reduced.

With up to a whopping 75% off though, you can grab an absolute bargain and give some very exclusive, limited stock a good home. You’ll look good whatever, won’t you? Plus you can spend the savings on a beer or a meal out!

Keep Checking For Savings

There’s no shame in saving a few quid but there is a usually compromise involved. There does not have to be.

If you want the biggest clothing at the cheapest prices then the clearance section of the Big Tee Shirt website cannot be beaten. Go take a look now!