10 Reasons Why Big Men Are Sexy


I’m going to address the elephant in the room and make this statement: big men are sexy.

No jokes about me being the elephant in the room (I’m way ahead of you) and obviously as a bigger man I am biased about why we are more appealing. You don’t even have to believe me at this point but give me two minutes of your time to read the rest of this blog and if I have not convinced you (not that you probably need convincing) then feel free to leave me a comment or share this blog to spread the word.

It’s possible that you already have the opinion that bigger gents are sexy specimens, but you can’t put your finger on why – so let me highlight a few of our plus (sized) points about what makes us stand out.

Sense of Humour

Bigger guys are more fun. Because most big men have always been bigger and always will be, we’ve learned to not take ourselves too seriously. We can laugh at ourselves and take a joke better than most. We’re large people trapped in a world created for smaller people.

We’ve adapted to be the funny ones who are more comfortable in our own skin even if we’re not comfortable in your tiny car. We’ll have plenty of anecdotes that come with being a big bloke and we’re probably more likely to laugh at ourselves before laughing at anyone else. You can even find some of us in humorous big t-shirts – which we sell by the way.

But more importantly, we’ll make you laugh. Lot’s of comedians are built bigger and it’s no coincidence. If you can laugh at your own expense then you can always make people laugh with you.

We’re Better Dressed

Bear with me here; I’m not talking about when we are lounging around the house in our PJ’s or joggy bottoms, I’m talking about when we go out.
Because it’s harder to find decent clothes to fit a bigger man, we have to be a bit more selective about what we wear. Hence why people come back to Big Tee Shirt, we have top brands in big sizes at very reasonable prices.
It makes sense that if it’s harder to find clothes that fit you then you put that extra big of effort into the selection process. That and you probably buy from us so you will look awesome.

We’re More Manly

We just are.

I’m not saying we laugh at hipsters in skinny jeans but… Yeah, ok we might laugh at them. They look ridiculous, don’t they? Bless ‘em.

Put it this way, when was the last time you heard someone say: “Phwoar, look at that bloke in his pointy shoes and skinny jeans, with his little curled up moustache. He is sexy! He’s a REAL man!” – They’ll never say that. Because the big bloke next to them will be getting all the attention. Obviously.

We’re built to be protective and this makes us desirable in a sexy kind of way. Look at celebrity bodyguards. You never see a slightly-built bloke taking on that hefty role do you? No, they are man-mountains of ginormous statue and make no mistake.

The point is there to be made, we don’t like to stereotype but bigger men are more manly. I’ve just dug myself a hole for the next point.

We’re Less Judgemental

Want a second portion? Go ahead!

Fancy a dessert? Help yourself!

If you want to diet, you go right ahead but know that big men don’t judge. We love you for who you are because you love us for who we are. Isn’t life better when you can just be yourself and be happy? Unless you’re a hipster; We may judge your choice of jeggings if we’re being honest.

But as a partner, we are less judgemental. Just to be clear. 

I probably should not have made this point right after the hipster comment.

We’re Not Obsessed with Ourselves

Though this blog may appear to contradict that, I have to write about something and it is a blog for men’s extra large clothing.

What I mean is, bigger men are less prone to excess preening and you know only a select number of us will spend any real time at the gym. Less time at the gym and less time spent on beauty therapy probably means more time with the other half. So the lack of self obsession is beneficial – and sexy.  Probably.

That said, if you are looking for gym clothes for big men, we do those too. We know it’s hard to find clothes that fit when you get fit.

Lust For Life

Larger fellas enjoy life more: We laugh more, we eat what we like most of the time, we’re probably limited in terms of where we can go or how we can get there so we make sure we enjoy the things we do when we do them. We probably avoid public transport wherever possible though.

We won’t scrimp on the extra plate at the buffet and we won’t lecture you on how you should live your life. Being more comfortable with ourselves means you can be more comfortable with us. Enjoy your life, all those diets won’t be remembered when you’re grey and old!

There’s More of Us to Love

Yes, that old cliche! We’re not being sizeist here because if you’ll remember, we’re not judgemental. We’re good like that.

I’m not saying that there is a size-to-lovability ratio, but we’re bigger and what may seem imposing when you first meet us soon shows we are mostly big softies who wouldn’t be the way we were if we were made in a standard size. You couldn’t fit the people we are in a smaller frame, it’s just scientific fact!

We’re More Content

There’s a lot to be said for being content. In fact the Danish have made it into an artform and seem to keep writing books about it. They call it Hygge – but to a bigger man it’s just something that comes naturally.

Big guys have learned to live in a small world and we are less likely to pressure ourselves to conform to social ideals that the media push upon everyone. When you’re around content people you feel more content yourself and enjoy life more.

We’re Great in Bed.

It’s statistically proven… Probably.

We sleep better and do other things better too. We have more comfortable night wear like (cheap plug) extra long night shirts. We probably have bigger beds as we don’t fit into a standard double all that well – but this is a great way to lead onto the last point…

We’re a Better Quality Cuddle

We’re just big teddy bears really, aren’t we? I’m told there is something to be said for a hug from a bigger guy. We’ll put you at ease and make you feel secure. Yes it sounds soppy but that’s fine. 

We may be big and tall, long and thin or short and round but big blokes come in all kinds of forms and I promise we make the best cuddlers. I’ve had the feedback. We may be choosy about who we cuddle though so it’s probably best not to hug the first big bloke you see.

… That’s just weird. Probably illegal too. You should ask first really.



Dapper Clothes for Big Blokes


Here at Big Tee Shirt, we talk a lot about comfort and low prices for bigger men. But what about the times that you need to look smart but you simply can’t find clothes that fit? Maybe you need formal clothes in big sizes but they simply don’t exist on the high street… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re in a rush for a social event, it’s fine. If you get the order to us before 2pm, we can have it with you for the next day!

Tweed Jackets for Large Gents

You may be quite happy with a full suit for certain occasions and events but you can’t beat a tweed jacket to elevate your appearance to that of a dapper God among men!

Tweed is awesome because it will look great with a shirt, some decent shoes and a pair of jeans or chinos (we do those too!) so you can look smart but not over-dressed for anywhere you wish to go. Perfect for days out, nights out, business wear or taking the other half for some posh nosh.

We do these Harris Tweeds in a selection of colours too: charcoal, brown, beige, navy or olive so you can have a jacket for every occasion. They are great for mixing and matching with your shirt or outfit and we have the option of original Harris Tweed (Under £200) or Harris ‘style’ Tweed for under £65 if you want to look smart but save a few quid for that meal out.


Waistcoats For Larger Waists

A waistcoat can really set you apart as a dapper gent. Or a professional snooker player.

… But mostly as a dapper gent.

The trouble is, if you are over the XL threshold then it can be very hard to find a waistcoat that fits around your waist. We cater for up to 6XL and have a couple of styles: formal or smart: with a whole array of tasteful colours that are perfect for everything from smart-casual with jeans, to ‘fancy’ for special occasions … or even as a flash accessory for stage hypnotists or magicians.

Yes, you just don’t see big men’s waistcoats getting worn but it’s probably because you simply can’t find them. Maybe that magician had conjured them all away? We don’t know. But we have a load of them to suit the biggest of fellas so have a look and feel the magic.

Trousers and Chinos In Proper Sizes

It’s fine and dandy wearing a smart jacket or a posh waistcoat but you’re going to need something smart to cover your legs. It could get embarrassing if you don’t and it may even be illegal so let us suggest you take a look at our chinos and trousers

We cater for up to a 64” waist and a 34” leg, with a little more give in the leg area for the larger man. None of your skinny fit clobber here! We even have stretch fit technology (Cotton and Elastane on the chinos or Flexi waist on the trousers) to ensure that you remain stylish and comfortable at all times.

Then there are the colours. We have a HUGE selection of colours available so there will always be a shade to suit your ensemble. They will look absolutely spot-on with perhaps a waistcoast or tweed jacket. Did I mention we sell those?

Shirts In M to 8XL

“What’s that Steve? You do a medium?”

Yes, we do; sometimes. Shocking, isn’t it?

Anyway, all of the clothing we’ve mentioned above needs a decent shirt to go with it and we cater for almost all shapes, sizes, designs and colours. We’ve got everything from short-sleeved and patterned to long sleeved and smart, they are perfect for every occasion, be it a suave party or a hot holiday.

They start at under a tenner and we have some of the very best brands available in sizes that are hard to find. Some of the smart business-style shirts even include a matching tie so you don’t need to worry about trying to find a pair that suit each other, we really are good, aren’t we?

Looking Sharp, Chap!

Yes, we may be called ‘Big Tee Shirt’ but that’s not all we do!

We provide every kind of clothing for big men from casual to sporty and of course, the dapper clothes mentioned here. We can help you look smart when you need to, we’ll help you get that job, we’ll help you find clothes that actually fit and look good.

… The only thing we can’t help with is the ironing.