Extra Long T-Shirts For Big Men

You may be wondering how we came up with the name “Big Tee Shirt” and we’re going to give you one guess.

It’s fairly obvious, isn’t it?

But “big” means different things to different people. We provide up to size 10XL t-shirts which are ideal if you are big in the middle but they may not be ideal if you are a really tall bloke.

That’s why we have a “Tall Store” range that may be perfect for you!

Being tall is a blessing and a curse.

Tall blokes are always the centre of attention; you can’t really miss us in a crowd. We can always reach the top shelves. We know what the weather is like before shorter folk do(Why do people say that?). On the downside, living in a world that is designed for smaller people can be a bit of an issue, we may have mentioned this before in this blog!

The biggest single problem with being a monster among men is finding clothes that actually fit. Just because a t-shirt, shirt, jacket or any item of clothing is an extra large size does not mean it will fit us, giants.

You will find our range of extra-length, big and tall clothing here.

We have solved the problem by developing our own range of “Big Tee Shirt Brand” or “BTS” gear that gives us that extra length in the body or leg to make sure you’re covered!

Up To 41” Length Body Tees

You read that right! Our t-shirts are up to 41” in length, much longer than the standard. Every tall bloke knows the annoyance of wearing a t-shirt that which is too short and shows off out “assets”.

41 inches or 104 cm is MUCH LONGER than you will be used to. As mentioned above, there is big and then there is big. Just because you are tall does not mean you are big all over but that’s the reason we stock sizes Small up to 10XL! So you could be slight-built but very tall and we have you covered and looking good!

We have a broad selection of styles and colours. Everything from regular tees, printed tees, and polo necks to sleeveless and vests… So you can get your guns out!

We’ve got plenty more stock coming in over the next few months too, so keep an eye out for new clobber.

Up To 38” Leg?

It’s not just extra long t-shirts we do. Why have a long body if your trousers look like half-masts? We’ve got you covered: As always!

We stock jogging bottoms with up to 38” leg lengths. These are a blend of cotton, polyester and acrylic to ensure that there is plenty of give and room so you’re free to move about and comfortable enough to work, rest and play!

They’re not just long, either. We stock sizes Large to 8XL so even the very biggest men will be catered for. The elasticated waist has a drawstring so you can adjust it to fit comfortably and stay aloft, even if you’re working out or simply getting out of the chair too quickly!

The Biggest. The Best. Here’s The Rest:

Man cannot live in t-shirts and jogging bottoms alone: We know that. That’s why we have a multitude of other options to keep you warm and comfortable.

There’s v-neck sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, zip-up hoodies, waterproof jackets and parka coats. We have these is various styles and colours, with sizes varying depending on the range from Small (Yes, we do small!) to 8XL. We don’t want the tall, thin guys to feel left out… We’ve got you blokes covered too!

So there really is a huge range to choose from. Big and tall guys no longer have an excuse that they cannot buy clothes that fit them… They just have to find us!

Wash With Care

Just a heads-up: Always follow the instructions on the label!

Yes, this seems obvious but even the longest t-shirts can shrink if exposed to heat in a tumble dryer for example! 

Always be wary before washing and drying as you do not want your cotton/polyester/acrylic mix going small and becoming an average t-shirt.

Follow the washing instructions on the label and you should find the items will last for years to come without any issues.

Unsure About Your Size?

We’ll give you one last helping hand:

If you’re a big guy and you don’t really know how big or quite what size to choose, then why not use this:

Size Guide For Big Men

With the aid of a tape measure, you can easily work out what sizes you need and make sure you find and order the clothing that will fit you correctly.

You’re welcome!